by Pray For Life

Pray for continued wisdom and strategies in this battle for the lives of pre-born children.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I have appointed you a prophet to the nations. (Jer 1:5)

Voters in Alabama and West Virginia [last] Tuesday approved “trigger” measures that could lead to state abortion bans if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade — a possibility raised by the appointment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the court.

Even while Roe’s constitutional right to abortion remains in place, abortion has become so hard to get in many parts of the country that an online service called Aid Access launched in the summer to provide prescription abortion pills by mail to women in the U.S. Founder Rebecca Gomperts, a Dutch physician and activist, has for years run Women on Web, which ships abortion pills to women in countries where abortion is illegal.

Meanwhile, the Self Induced Abortion (SIA) Legal Team last month announced a help line and website to provide information and attorney referrals for women who have ended their pregnancies and fear they will be arrested or prosecuted.

“We know of at least 21 people who have been arrested, and some prosecuted, either for ending their own pregnancy or helping others” since 1973, said Jill E. Adams, a Berkeley, Calif., lawyer who founded the SIA team. “Now that we have the help line, we expect we’ll learn about more.”…

If Roe’s legal framework is abolished, 20 other states already have laws that could be used to further restrict or ban abortion, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a research center that supports abortion rights….

Americans United for Life, an anti-abortion law firm, contends that the Aid Access model is not only unsafe, but also in violation of U.S. postal and other regulations. (Excerpts from Marie McCullough article in The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Pray with us:

God, some of the advances in protecting life seem so incremental, yet we know that each life saved is meaningful to you.  Help us to continue to press forward in prayer, legislation, education and intercessory activism as we seek to value all life as you do.  We pray that this upcoming March for Life would be a turning point in our nation’s history. Speak to each of us to guide us in how we can participate–silence is consent to what is currently happening. Praise you, God, for the men and women in state legislatures who are boldly passing laws that are more protective of life. We rejoice with what you are doing!