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January 17 - 18

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About iPRAYforLIFE

Since 1973, pro-life supporters have gathered in Washington, D.C. to protest the grievous Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. Now, more than ever, it is a critical time to pray for the protection of the unborn. Recent changes on the Supreme Court have created the opportunity to reverse this terrible decision. iPRAYforLIFE is an initiative to mobilize concerted prayer for life for the 24 hours around the March for Life and beyond.

Join us praying for life at home or at the iPRAYforLIFE prayer tent behind the March for Life stage in Washington, D.C. We will be covering the world’s largest pro-life demonstration with 24 hours of prayer! Sign up today for your slot to cover the March in prayer from home or participate on-site at the iPRAYforLIFE prayer tent in Washington, D.C. We will be sending devotions and other prayer resources to all participants who commit to pray.

Take time to explore the resources, the articles, and the partner links on this site. New resources and links are being added frequently. We encourage you to share this effort with your church, small group, or family–sign up together and participate as a group. If you are already planning on a trip to the March for Life in January, add a shift at the Prayer Tent. We are grateful for the partners, the contributors, and the intercessors who are actively praying for life. Will you join us?

Become a Prayer Tent VIP

Onsite, in Washington, D.C. at the world’s largest pro-life event, a strategically-placed prayer tent will host intercession for the March for Life and the events surrounding it. Staffed with prayer volunteers from all across the nation, this VIP access to pray behind the scenes is an honor and privilege. iPrayForLife Prayer Tent participants receive free devotions, free prayer resources, VIP Prayer Tent Access, and exclusive iPrayForLife promotional items as well as the opportunity to prayer walk the Nation’s Capital. Find out more information about the iPrayForLife Prayer Tent opportunity by clicking the details button below.


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Jean | Dec 8th, 2018
Abba father as we stand in the gap and we pray for your unborn children we push back the forces of evil and darkness in the power and authority in the Messiah‘s name and build a hedge against the spirit of Molech that has tried to take over this nation. We come boldly to the throne room without fear reproach and lay prostrate before you in corporate repentance for the sind of this land. We ask you to instill Tighteous leaders across this nation that would take a stand for you...Joshua type people that would March in righteousness toward restoring your holy laws in this land. May the blood of Messish cleanse this land of the innocent blood that has been shed over the years from the sin that is on our hands. We pray for righteous kings and priests to rule and teach as restoration and revival begin. Soften the hearts of selfish and prideful sinful people in this nation and open the blind eyes and ears to hear the word truth from the word of God that pours out a spirit of repentance that Would hover over them, bringing them to their knees and cleansing they’re darkened hearts And develop having a desire to draw near you that their past sins not be repeated as you restore them whith you into righteousness and flood them with the Spirit of adoption,salvation and deliverance . Give the righteous teachers, preachers, leaders, prophets, and apostles boldness to speak fourth truth and establish righteousness once again on this land . Spirit of death and destruction , we speak and loosen a spirit of pandemonium & chaos in your kingdom as every unclean in spirit is called out to rise in attack each other. We stand and pray asking with humility to have your messengers to surround your people,The remnant, to guide us down the path that we need to walk to keep us from falling in error or confusion. Open doors for our elected officials desiring to serve you that they may be used in a mighty way to overturn and dismantle Any legislation that would re-strain your people from for filling and establishing your kingdom of truth and righteousness. Fill us with your spirit, and empower us with an anointing like Elijah to sweep through this land with your hand and cleanse The minds that have been lead to confusion, doubt, error and unbelief in you and your Ways Let the teachers and the educational systems teach love and teach life and represent your sacred holy law as they become unhindered by man’s laws and Ways and take a stand for you to bring truth back into the minds of the youth so that the great I AM would use our youth to restore the elders. We know that you are able to do this as your remnants fall upon their knees as your people and pray for repentance and revival throughout this land so you once gain can restore its blessings and Once again and become a country that gives you the deserving honor glory that your kingdom is once again enlarged and it becomes on earth as it is in heaven We pray once again for peace to rule this land and prosperity can be used to be a witness for you to build your Kingdom. We Pray for protection over our leaders, our families, and your holy remnant that is willing to take a stand for you put on there spiritual armor to fight the good fight of faith and the name of our Messiah Yahshua ha Mashiac/Jesus the Messah. Shema Israel, Elohim Adoni Echad....we unite as one people joining forces with and as the army of heaven. We pray Angels to place protection around us as your holy spirit becomes our rear guard as we begin marching into battle with your spiritual armor on, each using the gifts and walking in their calling to create an elite force that becomes empowered with your light and surrounded by your truth to chase down the darkness has the enemy flees.
May Chulin | Dec 8th, 2018
Revival to family members. They all turn back to God. God's mercy to them and save their souls, God.
Ernestina Cavazos | Dec 7th, 2018
Please pray for our daughters Loli, Linda, and Sandra. Sandra needs prayers for her mind, she is 44 yrs. Thank you all. Ps.91:1-16 ?
Carrie Wingfield | Dec 7th, 2018
Lord thank you for raising up an army of intercessors to pray and people to fight in this battle for the lives and safety of the unborn. Anoint the people to get laws changed and abortion stopped. Unite the SCOTUS to redeem and save the unborn from death. I command demons of death to back off. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. By his authority and power in me I rebuke you and send you to the abyss. I command demons of hell to submit to Jesus Christ who is the way, the truth , the LIFE! Amen.
Sandra king | Dec 7th, 2018
Pray for the mothers and the babies to be touched by the Holy Spirit that from this moment onward they would grow ever stronger in God’s family and service. Pray for God’s angels to surround and protect all women and children from human trafficking around the globe
Hrather | Dec 7th, 2018
May God convict the hearts of pregnant women to choose life
Johnny R Rodriguez | Dec 7th, 2018
Correction Pray for a revival at our church. Not a rival.
Virgina Stanton | Dec 7th, 2018
That my back will be healed so that i can go into womans prison ,also transportation, need a more reliable car , thank you, God bless you
Pastor Johnny R Rodriguez | Dec 7th, 2018
Pray for our pastors wife Pastor Ruthy Agron who has stage 4 cancer. Pray also for Shekeema who also haz cancer. Prayfor my daughter Jenice Rodriguez who have womens issue and who is handicapped. Pray for the members of Lion of Judah Church. Pray for a rival Pray for my wife's health. Pray for my son Jacob who has sudden headaches. Pray for me. I have leg pain. Feet pain and back pain.
David Klasna | Dec 7th, 2018
Lord, we pray for an outpouring of your Holy Spirit upon intercessors across this land. We ask you to release a spirit of repentance and revival upon your people, that Your will, and our desperation, are united and result in a powerful work of Your hand.
Solomon | Dec 7th, 2018
Father in heaven, raise up an army of prayer warriors to release the armies of heaven to end abortion in America! Have mercy on our nation for your glory's sake!
Sue Wall | Dec 7th, 2018
Dear Heavenly Father, We praise you for your faithfulness and your abounding love. We thank you for life and we pledge to always hold it dear. We pray for your guidance as we stand for the rights of the unborn. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen
Dan Wing | Dec 7th, 2018
Forgive us Lord for as a nation we know not what we do. Please open our eyes and hearts and minds that it is a real live person with a precious unique soul that is destroyed in the womb, save the babies, heal the adults and save our souls and close planned parenthood.
Esther floch | Dec 7th, 2018
As Satan is alive and well -turning this beloved country into Sodom and Gomorrah I pray that you give us more time. May the Christians rise up and stand up for spiritual correctness. May you give me courage to stand up for what is right. May you give us leaders that follow your Word. Thank you for your blessings and protection.
David Kubal | Dec 6th, 2018
Father - You are the creator of life and it is to you we appeal to protect it. Our hearts are broken when we consider the millions of lives, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, co-workers, scientists, pastors, world-changers who are not around us because of the hideous decision our Supreme Court to allow legal abortion on demand. We repent for our nation and cry out to you for mercy. Come Father, save us, change our laws, change the hearts of our legislators and judges. Nothing is too hard for you. In Jesus Name we ask.
Rich Butterfield | Dec 5th, 2018
LORD, I pray that the Holy Spirit that moved in the life of John the Baptist will move across our nation to touch the hearts and lives of every individual contemplating an abortion or working in the abortion industry. I am praying from Luke 1:17; LORD may the Holy Spirit turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to make an end of abortion in this nation, and make ready a people prepared for the Lord.
Diane | Nov 30th, 2018
Father, thank you so much for hearing all of our prayers. Thank you for giving us the spirit of prayer and that you lead us into prayer areas. I pray right now that you block funding of all forms that support abortion. I pray that 2019 will be the year of the turn around and no more lives will be taken by abortion. I know that sounds impossible but you have shown us you are the God of working miracles and the impossible. In Jesus name, Amen
David | Nov 30th, 2018
Father God, may we understand your great value and love for life. How you must weep at the world's prevailing attitude that life is disposable and just matter to be used. Forgive us. Ignite a passion for all life in this current young generation. Rise up men and women who will become the legislators, judges and leaders who will say that abortion is wrong. Give them courage and favor. I pray for the March for Life, that it would be attended by more young people than ever. I pray for media attention. I pray that the women's march that follows would be overwhelmed by the power of God that is left pervading the city from the prayers of the marchers. I pray for safety, protection, good communication and clear plans.
Joseph | Nov 30th, 2018
Lord, You have ordained praise from the lips of infants. All creation sings your praise, from galaxies to the child you knit together in the mother’s womb. Please, let our lawmakers, and judges especially, see the breath of life in each fetus. The intentionality of a child created in your image. May life be honored and valued. Jesus, you treasure us. Let us see how much we at treasured and be compelled to treasure others in the same way. More than anything, flood this world with your love. Father, guide us, help us. Glorify the name of your Son. To God alone be the glory for ever and ever, in every nation and heart. Amen
Judy | Nov 30th, 2018
Father, wake up America to the value of life from the very point of conception! Move in the hearts of a majority of Americans to realize the wrong of abortion and reject it. Father, stir your Church to pray for an end to abortion and an awakening of your truth across this nation. Thank you for the March for Life, may it be blessed by you and more effective than ever.
Elaine | Nov 29th, 2018
Praying for an end to Roe v. Wade in my lifetime--for the first time I have HOPE it will happen! This is a great opportunity for focused prayer for the event--you know the Enemy is pulling out all the stops (just look at the Kavanaugh appointment) and the fight for abortion is strong. But our God is stronger and our prayer carries the authority of the blood of Christ! Thank you God for how you are bringing intercessors together for LIFE and to uphold those who are fighting for it!
Kris | Nov 29th, 2018
Praying for the most impactful March for Life ever! I plan to participate in the D.C. event and am looking forward to praying in the Prayer Tent with other intercessors! May we cover the city in such prayer that the Women's March (that takes place on the Sunday after the March for Life!) would be overwhelmed with the Presence of God!

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